Our guts are as unique as we are. And luckily they already have the necessary bacteria to relieve acid reflux, gas, indigestion, bloating and other symptoms that bother your belly but they need microFood™ to do their job.

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Until now, the most common treatments have only been aimed at the symptoms. While drugs may deliver temporary relief, they never fix the underlying cause, and have worrying long-term side effects like osteoporosis and increased risk of C. difficile infection and pneumonia.

It’s time to try the natural solution recommended by doctors that works with the beneficial bacteria in your system. It’s time to try ISOThrive.

ISOThrive is a lightly sweet nectar, scientifically proven to feed the beneficial bacteria in your gut and bring the balance back to your microbiome, reducing inflammation and overgrowth in as little as a month. It’s delicious, vegan, non-GMO, soy-free, gluten-free and zero calories.

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