Natural Digestive Balance

It’s a gut feeling

Suffering from gas, bloating or constipation never feels good.


Scientific studies have shown that digestive challenges such as gas, bloating and constipation can be caused by imbalances in your gut bacteria, or your “microbiome.”

One serving of ISOThrive microFood nectar per day can help you get back to your properly functioning and healthy gut — without stomach gas, bloating, leaky gut, and more.

When properly fed, the beneficial bacteria in your gut thrive and out-compete less desirable organisms that can cause digestion problems. They also help prevent or repair “leaky gut” by enhancing the barrier function of your colon. While other types of microFood can cause gas and bloating, ISOThrive works to actually reduce your gas and bloating and aids regular digestive movement. HOW IT WORKS »

Adding ISOThrive to
your daily routine
Overcomes organisms that
cause digestive problems
Resulting in a balanced
digestive system

ISOThrive helps you reduce gas, bloating &
maintain a regular digestive system.

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Your first prebiotic was in your mother’s breast milk. We were born with the need for prebiotics and should continue to support our bacterial growth throughout life. ISOThrive will help you do this.
John Selling, MD, Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine and Gastroenterology |  Stanford Medical School