Immune Support

Strive to Thrive With Natural Immune System Support

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Scientists have shown that feeding your gut bacteria can naturally enhance immune function.

The largest part of the immune system is located in the gut. When your healthy bacteria are fed naturally fermented microFood, they interact with your immune system in a kind of symbiosis, enhancing the activity and regulation of immune system cells. They also help prevent or repair “leaky gut” by enhancing the barrier function of your colon. These are some of the ways that an all-natural fermented microFood like ISOThrive can lead to enhanced immune function. HOW IT WORKS »

Adding ISOThrive to
your daily routine
Boosts the core of your
immune system
Resulting in better
overall health

ISOThrive is a natural immune system support that helps balance your immune system
leading to better overall health & well-being.

I love ISOThrive and have been taking it every day. Wow how much better I feel! I’m no longer getting sick all the time. Since I have been taking it I have not had an issue with any colds or flus.
Susan B.