“Love the Thrive. Yay!!!”

“I started taking ISOThrive because of everything I had learned about prebiotics being generally beneficial to health and without any particular health concerns in mind. I am pretty skeptical when it comes to supplements so it was not a quick decision. It has been quite amazing though – in less than a month my digestion is better, my bloating and gas are noticeably reduced and I am sleeping better. I also seem to crave healthier food. Highly recommended.”

"I am a mid-50’s male and have had issues with flatulence for a long time. In less than 30 days, ISOThrive reduced my gas so much, my wife thinks I am sexier!"

"For years, I have struggled with autoimmune issues--from eczema to candidiasis. Since taking ISOThrive daily, I find I am better able to manage my autoimmune maladies. The ISOThrive packets are convenient for daily use and travel and they taste great. Two friends turned me onto ISOThrive and I am forever grateful that they did. It's a wonderful product."

I LOVE ISOThrive. I lost 8 lbs. this first month and my system feels great and definitely more regular!!! I suffer from IBS and my bouts are definitely minimized by taking this on a daily basis. I’m so glad that I heard about it!!! Thanks so much!!!

“I love it. Better digestion, mental clarity, more energy…it’s a calm energy not a jittery caffeine energy. I’m noticing the curbed appetite and the energy too. I actually officially am not planning on re ordering my old probiotic after today.”

“My 85-year-old friend is now a believer after one week, and now the daughter will also try ISOThrive.”

“I haven’t mentioned its re-setting of the satiety mechanism, have I? Feeling full sooner, naturally reduces the amount I eat at meals. The weight I have uncontrollably put on due to menopause is coming off. No more water retention too, so my joints don’t ache anymore. ISOThrive has seriously helped me and I hope it helps you and the people you care for too.”

"I notice an improvement in my elimination and a shift in my energy. I imagine it helps my immune system as I am feeling strong. It seems like such a small amount in that little packet but it does the job."

“No more burping after meals.”
“It’s working. I feel full. I feel really great.”
I use ISOThrive because it makes sense to give your healthy bacteria the food they need to protect you.
Dr. Linda Berry  |  Fairfax, CA

“It’s great stuff!”

“I have been taking ISOThrive for about two weeks now. The effects have been subtle, but definitely helped with appetite control and energy”

“I suffered from acid indigestion for years; started taking ISOThrive and the acid indigestion completely went away.”

“You can hear in my voice I am strong. I am becoming the woman I am supposed to be and I think ISOThrive is a part of that.”

“I haven’t had this flat a belly since she was in high school, my allergies have improved and I have more energy and generally feel better…this is after 1 month on ISOThrive.”

“I got my ISOThrive and started on it again. I’ve got that sense of well-being back. Feels good especially after a weekend of intense awful pollen allergies!”

“I really, really love the prebiotics you gave me. Oh my god I feel so not bloaty. I feel flatter in my tummy, it is great. I have some clients of mine that are interested.”
Really terrific supplement – aids in energy level, digestion, regularity, and we definitely get sick less often. We’re hooked! ISOThrive is now a part of our health and fitness routine every day.

“I’ve been using the ISOThrive consistently now for almost a month. I really like it. I have noticed a difference in how I feel. Often times, certain foods would leave me bloated and icky. Rarely does that happen now…I had actually been considering going on an elimination diet to see what goods were bugging me. But I’m pretty sure I can skip that option now.”

“Started ISOThrive a week ago and already noticed I no longer have to force myself to not snack. Even my children noticed I am eating much less.”

“I think it helps keep my system regular.”

“I am taking only half of what I have taken in antihistamine daily all my life. I am so happy.”

“Increased energy, better mood, better mental clarity, improved sleep…they’re subtle, but definitely noticeable. Let’s attribute to ISOThrive!”

“It’s amazing to think what a little bit of liquid can do! Each day’s dose is about 1/4 teaspoon, and it makes a huge difference. I’m more satisfied now by my meals, and I don’t get the hunger cravings between meals that I used to get. Truly groundbreaking.

"I noticed an improvement after only two weeks of taking ISOThrive. This prebiotic definitely helps with appetite control and energy. Sore, achy muscles are better as well!"
I’ve had IBS for over 30 years. Since I started ISOThrive my symptoms are far less frequent. I am so grateful to have found out about ISOThrive!
Lynda  |  Mount Hermon, CA

“I have lost some weight. I love that it doesn’t make me gassy. So far I like ISOThrive.”

“IBS seems to have calmed down since starting ISOThrive. I’ve definitely noticed a difference. Autoimmune disorders are always a challenge. Even lost some weight which is a good thing. It’s taken some of the stress off my hips as I have trochanteric bursitis. Don’t have as much swelling in my knees and ankles as well. So all in all it seems like a good course of action. I’ve been able to cut back on some of my pain meds such as Vicodin, Flexeril and Percocet. Things are getting very hectic at work as the season is in full swing. I feel like I have more energy and don’t tire as easily as before.”

“I am less hungry… I am beginning to feel that I can actually trust myself around food, something that I do not ever recall experiencing.”

“My wife and I have been taking ISOThrive regularly. We both are pleased with the results. I have a sensitive stomach and frequent bouts with acid indigestion. My wife avoids gluten and a few other foods like potatoes because of how they make her feel. She swears it’s improved her digestion, especially after eating these foods. For me, our recent trip was terrific in large part because my stomach never turned sour — a frequent occurrence when I travel. We definitely want to keep taking ISOThrive.”

“I have lost 2 lbs., maybe more? My clothes fit a bit better. I like the product; it is very easy to take!! I do think I am less hungry. Bottom line: I will keep at it.”
It works! Since taking ISOThrive I’ve noticed better digestive habits, less hunger, more energy and I’ve only been taking it for about a month. ISOThrive is easy to travel with, tastes delicious – my kids even like it.

"I was less hungry… I lost a few pounds as I didn’t go after the late night snacks like chips and ice cream. I felt good and slept great."

Very easy to take – I just squeeze it right out of the pack! The science is strong and I’m looking forward to great results!

“For a long time I have been experiencing feelings of bloat and gassiness. I gave up diet soda and chewing gum. And looked at other foods that could contribute to my feelings of discomfort. Those dietary changes did not really help. That was when I decided to try a prebiotic. I did some online research and the ISOThrive reviews were very positive. After just a couple days of use the discomfort of bloat and gassiness have subsided. What a great feeling. I am also giving one of my dogs ISOThrive. She had been having some loose stools. Took her to the vet he couldn’t find anything amiss. The vet suggested prebiotics. For her I tried 2 different dog prebiotic products. They didn’t really help and she didn’t like them. The ISOThrive has worked great for her. And she Loves it”

“ISOThrive reduced my gas and bloating. What I didn’t expect and what impressed me even more was I felt less hungry and more energetic throughout the day.”

“12 pairs of pants in my drawer and I couldn’t fit into ANY of them. SO frustrating. I’d had it! It was time to do something about it. Within 3 days of taking the ISOThrive plus doubling my water intake, eliminating most all carbs and chocolate, the bloating went away and my waist size went down 2 inches. Yay!! I could fit into 2 pairs of pants AND felt brighter inside, clearer, sharper, more spacious. The bloating that was so distressing is pretty much gone. Now I’m focusing on what it takes to fit into ALL my pants! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE ISOThrive!!! A brilliant product!!

“The increased feeling of well-being and lack of food cravings were profoundly positive.”

ISOThrive is a super convenient way to increase my gut health. It helps me maintain my weight and keeps my digestive system happy.
Jody  |  NY

“It just makes me feel good.”

“I suffer from IBS like symptoms on a pretty regular basis and ISOThrive was recommended to me as a good place to start to help deal with my symptoms. The main two things that I noticed when adding this supplement to my diet is that it helped keep me regular which before was a constant battle, and overall it helped to considerably decrease the constipation, bloating, and gas that I deal with on a regular basis. I have taken this supplement now for two months and would strongly recommend it for people like me, as an additional measure along with proper diet. I have also noticed that I have lost weight while utilizing this supplement (about 6 lbs. I am extremely impressed with how effective this product was for me and will continue to use it, as I have noticed that I just feel better on the days that I take it.”

“My daughter feels ISOThrive has really helped her. She’s had stomach issues in the past.”

“After taking ISOThrive I noticed that my blood sugar levels did not plummet as they usually do after a few hours. I was able to go in between meals longer. Additionally, it helped me lose weight. It is very easy to take -just mix with water and no unpleasant aftertaste. I would recommend this product.”

“My boyfriend, a body builder, has been taking ISOThrive. No constipation, no bloat, flattest abs ever.”

“I’ve been trying this stuff since February. It seems to work. I haven’t lost a ton of weight yet, but I think I am eating less and I feel better.”

“After less than 2 weeks of using ISOThrive, I noticed many of my IBS symptoms began to reduce, most notably my bloating and abdominal discomfort/cramping. Furthermore, it’s simple. Pour the packet into some water and mix. I would most definitely recommend ISOThrive to anyone suffering gastrointestinal disorders and abdominal discomfort, as it has been a great tool in aiding my personal IBS symptoms.”

“I have had ulcers my whole life. I had tried ISOThrive before but not consistently. Since I’ve been taking it consistently I’ve now noticed a 75% improvement. Maintaining a healthy gut lining is key to transforming people’s experience with immune problems and so many health issues.”